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Where to Hire a Scaffold Tower

Written By: admin - Jun• 10•14

During repair or construction of buildings, scaffolding is a very popular term. It refers to a temporary structureHire a Scaffold Tower which is setup to support both materials and workers during construction. The structure comprises of a modular metal pipes or tubes system but other materials can also be used. For example, in Asia, Bamboo is frequently used to make scaffolds. This article gives best ideas on scaffold tower hire services and what to consider before hiring.

There are usually standard specifications for the design of scaffolds in different countries. For example, the European standard BS EN 12811-1 sets specifications for the performance requirements of scaffolds. This standard also specifies the required method of general and structural design for any working scaffolds.

When hiring scaffolds, it is important to know the basic elements of any scaffold. The important elements of any scaffold are ledgers, transoms and standards. In some places, standards are referred to as uprights. You should know how to place each of these elements for better safety. You also have to know the right angles to erect each of these to minimize any risk.

The hiring company must make available an instruction manual detailing the erection sequence and also bracing requirements. This is because different manufacturers or suppliers have different scaffolds that follow different sequence of erection. You should avoid hiring scaffolds that have no clear instruction manuals to avoid any risks due to poor erection.

When setting up a scaffold, make sure that everyone in the construction site is well aware of all rules regarding using and moving it. They need to understand when to use the tower and when not to. They should be aware never to use the tower when there are strong winds. It is also important to let them know never to use the tower when the components are incompatible.

Another important precaution is never using the tower if any part is missing or broken. You should also never use the tower as a means to support trestles, ladders of any other equipment of access. When it comes to moving the tower, make sure you reduce the height to four meters at most. You should also check to confirm there are no obstructions or power lines while moving.

You will note that hiring a tower is the best option depending on the kind of construction work you are undertaking. There are many companies that offer hire services but you need to get the best rates for the best quality. You will note the hire option requires caution to avoid damages which lead to other charges.

You need to have a checklist when looking to hire scaffolds. You need to confirm that you meet all the requirements necessary to work with towers. This includes confirming when the scaffold design is necessary and when training is necessary plus the recommended level of training. You need to identify the competency required in erecting, altering, dismantling and even supervising operations related to the scaffold.

The ideas presented in this article will guide you in all your scaffold tower hire needs. You need not to worry about making the wrong choice. Use the ideas given here to come up with a checklist that will help you in all scaffolding operations.

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